Hello! Welcome to Cling SDK Develop Center

Cling SDK allows developers to interact with Cling data in their own applications, products and services.

Cling SDK supports methods for authoring Cling device and data access. Please visit Cling SDK forum if there are cases that current SDK does not support your development, and leave us the detail requirements. We like to work closely with our developers, by utilizing Cling SDK, we can fully support you to develop amazing products and services.

Cling SDK supports both iOS and Android platforms. The whole SDK package includes three parts:

  1. • SDK dev document
  2. • iOS / Android SDK libraries
  3. • iOS / Android App sample application source code

Cling SDK develop modules

Sign in, Sign up and Sign off

SDK API allows user to login HiCling backend server, and authorize a Cling device, and fetch paired device ID with a registered account.

Cling data access

SDK API allows user to access minute-based Cling data, including: heart rate, body temperature, walking, runing, sleep, Calories, distance and wering status.

Bluetooth 4.0 communication status

SDK API allows user to get Bluetooth communication status, including connect, disconnect, and data sync.